Praxis für physikalische Schmerztherapie ohne Medikamente

Practice for physical Pain Therapy without Medication

We are the Practice for Physical Pain Therapy without Medication from Germany. We visit the UAE - Dubai in regular Intervals.
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Everyone knows them, nobody wants them - they accompany our lives.

Millions of "pain feelers" called nociceptors in our body report damage by sending electrical impulses to nerve centers in the brain. A useful warning mechanism that protects us from harm and injury, but also a torment when the source of the pain cannot be treated or the pain becomes independent.

In such cases, the causes of pain can often not be clearly identified, so that many patients have an odyssey lasting years or even decades behind them, which costs time, nerves and money - but often has not led to the hoped-for success.

For the treatment of pain there is a practice for physical pain therapy in Kaufungen. My type of physical pain therapy is intended to take the pain away from the patient and improve their quality of life again.

The therapy follows a gentle path of holistic treatment, aims to restore pain-free function and dispenses entirely with medication. Ideally, a clearly noticeable improvement can already be seen after the first treatment.

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